Policy Documents

A range of policies direct the work of the Australian Stroke Clinical Registry (AuSCR).  Click on any of the links below to open the policy in a new window.

Data Custodianship Policy: sets out the requirements of the AuSCR Data Custodian.

Quality Assurance and Data Management Processes Policy: describes all processes relating to data management, data cleaning and regular audits of AuSCR data.

Data Security Policy: describes the AuSCR data security measures covering the collection, use and access of data in accordance with legal, ethical and national best practice guidelines.

Outlier/Unwarranted Variation Communication Policy: outlines AuSCR processes for outlier monitoring, investigation and reporting.

Feedback and Complaints Policy: outlines the processes for responding to patient or staff feedback and complaints about the AuSCR.

Data Access Policy: includes the criteria, conditions and limitations for external access to AuSCR data, and the procedures to be followed when requesting data access.

Publication Policy: outlines the guidelines for publication of all AuSCR data.

Intellectual Property Policy: describes the permission and ownership requirements relating to AuSCR intellectual property.

Patient and Public Involvement Statement: contains information on how consumer participation in the AuSCR is encouraged and managed.  Also see the related Patient and Public Involvement Form.