National Stroke Data Linkage Interest Group


This page provides information about the National Stroke Data Linkage Interest Group.  It includes:

The role of National Stroke Data Linkage Interest Group

The aims of the National Stroke Data Linkage Interest Group are to:

  • Seek advice from members and data custodians on the processes required for linking data on patients with stroke to externally held datasets
  • Collaborate and seek a thorough understanding from members of the data transfer and linkage processes required to link these data to various external datasets held by state and commonwealth governments including:
    • hospital administrative data (admissions and emergency presentations)
    • death registry data (National Death Index)
    • prescription data (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme)
    • medical visits (Medical Benefits Schedule)
  • Share knowledge on data coding, statistical techniques for the preparation of datasets and for the analyses of linked data
  • Collaborate on writing grants to access data to understand the continuum of stroke, from prevention to quality of care and long term outcomes
  • Explore future linkage possibilities for the AuSCR and other datasets

A brief history of the National Stroke Data Linkage Interest Group

The Data Linkage Sub-Committee was established by Chief Investigator Professor Dominique Cadilhac as part of Stroke123.  This was a complex study with numerous partner organisations and collaborators.  To facilitate the coordination and running of the project, various sub-committees were established including the Data Linkage Sub-Committee.

In 2018 this sub-committee was renamed the National Stroke Data Linkage Interest Group to identify the transition from Stroke123 to more generic national stroke data linkage projects.  The oversight and governance of this Group will be performed by the Australian Stroke Clinical Registry (AuSCR) Steering Committee.

National Stroke Data Linkage Interest Group members

Office Bearers:

A/Prof Monique Kilkenny (Co-chairperson)

MKA/Prof Monique Kilkenny (PhD, MPH, Grad Dip Epidemiol/Biostat, B App Sci [MRA]) is head of the National Stroke Data Linkage Program within the Stroke and Ageing Research Group, Monash University.  A/Prof Kilkenny is a highly experienced epidemiologist who has worked in research for over 30 years at National and International level.
For further enquiries or membership expressions of interest please contact A/Prof Monique Kilkenny.


Dr Lee Nedkoff (Co-chairperson)

Photo_Lee_NedkoffDr Lee Nedkoff (PhD, MPH, Grad Dip Business, BApp Sci [Physiotherapy]) is a Senior Research Fellow in cardiovascular disease epidemiology within the Cardiovascular Research Group, School of Population and Global Health, UWA. Dr Nedkoff is an experienced linked data researcher with expertise in cardiovascular disease epidemiological studies including stroke and coronary heart disease, and methods and monitoring of CVD using linked data.


Mr Lachlan Dalli (Coordinator)


Lachlan Dalli (BBiomedSc [Hons]) is a Research Assistant and PhD Candidate in the Translational Public and Evaluation Division, Monash University.  Lachlan is currently involved in the analysis of linked data to determine adherence to secondary prevention medications after stroke and the health outcomes associated with utilisation of these medications.


Other members:

A/Prof Nadine Andrew

Dr Anna Balabanski

Kiran Bam

Ms Rebecca Barnden

Prof James Boyd

Prof Dominique Cadilhac

Ms Natalie Cooper

Mr Amminadab Eliakundu

A/Prof Steven Faux

Dr Felicity Flack

A/Prof Erin Godecke

A/Prof Rohan Grimley

Dr Trisha Johnston

Dr Judith Katzenellenbogen

Dr Lan Kelly

Dr Joosup Kim

A/Prof Lisa Kuhn

Prof Natasha Lannin

Dr Derrick Lopez

Mr Wayne Loudon

Dr Rachel Milte

Dr Muideen Olaiya

Ms Kate Paice

Dr Yang Peng

Dr Hoang Phan

Ms Emma Polhill

A/Prof Frank Sanfilippo

Dr Nita Sodhi-Berry

Ms Ingrid Stacey

Ms Rathina Srinivasa Ragavan

Dr Tharshanah Thayabaranathan

Prof Amanda Thrift

Mr David Ung

Dr Sarah Wallace

Ms Sharon Williams

David Youens