Using AuSCR Data for Research

The Australian Stroke Clinical Registry (AuSCR) adheres to strict security and confidentiality policies to safeguard data integrity and patient privacy.  These policies govern all access to the confidential information contained within the Registry.

Participating hospitals retain ownership of their own data, and can access and download their data stored in the AuSCR for internal purposes (e.g. quality assurance) as required.  Data within the AuSCR undergo annual quality checks and analysis prior to publication in the AuSCR annual report.

The AuSCR Management Committee also report summary aggregated data in publications to guide policy and clinical practice decisions.  These publications are developed by the Principal Coordinating Investigator using de-identified data based on an approved research plan.  Hospital site investigators are encouraged to contribute to relevant papers, based on contribution of data and known interest in a topic area.

The AuSCR supports other researchers to access de-identified registry data via an independent review process.  All projects which use AuSCR data must also have approval from the relevant Human Research Ethics Committee(s).  For more information on the use of AuSCR data for research projects, please view our fact sheets for hospital contributors and external researchers, and the AuSCR Data Access Policy.

Overview of the AuSCR data acquisition and use process.

Research overview