FAQs – Acute data entry

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Q: If I don’t have documentation for a field, can I avoid the episode record coming up as incomplete or in error?

A: All fields in the AuSCR are mandatory except the alternative contact person fields.  While it is preferable to have a 100% completion rate on every record, this may not always be possible.  Episode records are valid and appear in reports regardless of their completed status.

If data are not yet available for a field, it can be entered at a later stage when it becomes available, either manually (e.g. mobilisation details) or via an import (e.g. ICD-10 codes extracted from a Patient Administration System).

Q: How do I record a patient’s death after discharge?

A: If you are notified of a patient death after discharge, it is helpful to record this on the AuSCR as early as possible, to avoid unnecessary follow-up and potential distress to patients’ families.  If the patient’s details are already recorded in the AuSCR, you can document a patient’s death on their Patient Episode Record using the “Record patient death” option under Actions.

If you have not yet uploaded the patient’s details, consult with the AuSCR Data Manager for your state for the best way to record a post-discharge death as part of your data upload process.

Q: How can I delete a duplicate record?

A: Hospital users cannot delete patient records once they are entered or uploaded.  If you wish to have a record deleted (either a duplicate or entered in error), please ring the relevant Data Manager for your state, or email admin@auscr.com.au with the Patient Record ID and the admission date only (for privacy), advising you would like to have this record deleted and a short descriptive reason.

Q: What should we do if coding staff specify a patient record with an acute stroke incorrectly (e.g. admitted for investigation with a previous history of stroke)?

A: Hospitals should check and filter out any ineligible episodes before sending their data to the AuSCR for upload.  If you identify any cases that have been sent and uploaded in error, please notify the relevant Data Manager to request removal of the record from the AuSCR.

Q: How should I record the discharge destination for a patient transferred to palliative care?

A: If a patient is transferred to a palliative care ward in the same hospital, record as a ‘Statistical discharge’ (type 5 on Import Template).  If a patient is discharged to their usual residence (home/nursing home) under palliative care, record as ‘Usual residence with supports’ (type 10 on Import Template).  If a patient is transferred to a dedicated palliative care facility, record as ‘Other’ (type 9 on Import Template).