FAQs – Importing records to the AuSDaT

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Q: Our hospital currently enters data manually; how can we set up data imports into the Australian Stroke Data Tool (AuSDaT)?

A: Hospitals wishing to import data directly from their Patient Administrative System will need to match the data extracted with the appropriate data import template for your hospital’s AuSCR program.  To get started, contact the AuSCR team via admin@auscr.com.au for help mapping data variables to the correct AuSCR field on the import template.

Q: Where can I find my program’s import template?

A: The AuSCR Office provides each hospital with the correct template for their program as part of the AuSCR training process.  Alternatively, the AuSDaT platform will provide you with the correct template automatically when you initiate a new import, or you can download a template here.