FAQs – Patient eligibility

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Q: How do I record a patient admitted to a Short Stay bed in Emergency?

A: The Australian Stroke Clinical Registry (AuSCR) is an acute care registry, and patients who are not admitted for acute care are ineligible to be entered into the registry.  If in doubt, check with your local Health Information Department as to whether the episode meets the criteria for entry into the Admitted Patient Care dataset.

Q: What about patient transfers?

A: See the typical scenario below.  If your situation is different to this, please contact the AuSCR Office for advice.

Hospital Patient care AuSCR records
Hospital X Patient presents to the ED, has CT scan and thrombolysis before being transferred to Hospital Z for possible further treatment. No episode of acute care recorded in the AuSCR by Hospital X at this stage.
Hospital Z Patient admitted for ECR or other treatment. Patient episode entered in the AuSCR, including first CT scan and tPA data from Hospital X, along with any treatment and subsequent scan at Hospital Z.
Hospital X Patient transferred back to Hospital X for ongoing care and/or rehabilitation. If patient is admitted for acute stroke care, episode is entered in the AuSCR, and initial CT scan and tPA data may also be captured here.

If admission is for rehabilitation or sub-acute care only, episode is not entered into the AuSCR.

Q: Why does the AuSCR include TIA episodes?

A: Transient ischaemic attack (TIA) is a warning sign that a stroke may occur in the future.  Including patients with TIA in the AuSCR provides a better picture of how many patients with TIA go on to have a stroke later.