FAQs – Using AuSCR data for research

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Q: How can I access my Hospital’s data in the Registry?

A: Hospital staff with an AuSDaT login at the level of “Hospital Coordinator” can export any or all of their data at any time into MS Excel.  Live reports summarising data from your hospital can also be downloaded or printed at any time.

Please note that the AuSCR Office does not take any responsibility for the quality of data extracted by hospitals or in summary reports, since this is live data that has not necessarily been cleaned or finalised, and may differ to data which is extracted at subsequent time points.

Q: Can I get access to cleaned and finalised data for my hospital as published in the Annual Report?

A: Data for the Annual Report is cleaned and finalised after all 90-180 day outcome data from the previous year have been closed off (normally July of the current year).  After this process is completed, hospitals can request a dataset for their hospital using the normal process for research requests.  See Using AuSCR Data for Research for more details.

Q: How can I get involved in AuSCR research publications?

A: See our Fact Sheet: Data Access and Publication Policies for AuSCR Hospital Contributors

Q: What if external researchers want access to our data?

A: See our Fact Sheet: Data Access, Participant Recruitment and Publications for external researchers